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JOHN WICK GUN | JW2 Combat Master Package

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JOHN WICK GUN|JW2 Combat Master Package

JOHN WICK GUN | JW2 Combat Master Package

TTI Combat Master Performance Package for Glock

Maximize your Glock for ultimate performance with the TTI Combat Master package. Gives you a vital edge over the competition, this upgrade package includes improvements to make your Glock ready to compete with the best. Whether you’re just breaking into the shooting scene or a seasoned competition veteran, the TTI Glock Combat Master Performance Package sets your Glock apart for excellence. Glock 43x 9mm Pistol


TTI JW Combat Master Package Includes:

Tactical Matte Black Slide Finish

Ionbonded Bronze Barrel

Competition Trigger Job

Full Wrap Stipple – Right Handed

Scallop Cut Magazine Release

Single Undercut

Grip Reduction

TTI Competition Magwell for Gen 3/4 Glock

TTI Fiberoptic Sights Green

Flat Black Base Pads

Laser Engraved TTI Logo





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