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Smith And Wesson Governor

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Smith And Wesson Governor

Smith And Wesson Governor

Smith & Wesson Governor .410/45 Stainless Revolver.


The Smith & Wesson Governor revolver puts six rounds of customizable response under your control. Load with .410 2 1/2” shotshells, .45 ACP or .45 Colt – alone or in combination with the included moon clips – and hit your target in every situation. Plus, it’s from the leading expert in revolver manufacturing over the past 160 years. Now that’s confidence.


Firearm Specifications

Manufacturer: Smith & Wesson

SKU: 160410

Model: GOVERNOR® Stainless

Caliber: .410 Shotshell .45 ACP .45 Colt

Capacity: 6 Rounds

Action: Single/Double Action

Barrel Length: 2.75 in. (6.9 cm)

Front Sight: Black Ramp

Rear Sight: Fixed

Grip: Synthetic: Grip: Synthetic

Weight: 29.6 oz. (839.2 g)

Overall Length: 8.5” (21.6 cm)

Height: 5.5 in. / 13.97 cm

Width: 1.75 in. / 4.445 cm

Frame Material: Scandium Alloy

Cylinder Material: Stainless Steel

Finish: Matte Silver








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