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S&W Shield

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S&W Shield

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S&W Shield

Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield 9mm Centerfire Pistol (LE)


A slim, concealable and lightweight design combined with the proven and trusted features found in the M&P Pistol Series. From the easily concealed one-inch profile to its optimized 18-degree grip angle, the M&P Shield offers professional-grade features that will provide you with simple operation and reliable performance.


The M&P Shield also features a quick and audible reset made possible by the striker-fired action, allowing multiple rounds to be placed on target both consistently and accurately. And it’s all backed by Smith & Wesson’s Lifetime Service Policy.


S&W durability: From the optimized 18-degree grip angle providing a natural point of aim, to the best-in-class M&P durability – the M&P Shield is a professional-grade, conceal carry pistol designed to shoot as well as it conceals.


Shield advantages: The M&P Shield™ combines all of the fine-tuned advantages that make M&P™ pistols comfortable to shoot with a slim, one-inch profile for comfortable carry.


What’s in the Box

Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield LE Pistol

One 8-Round Magazine

One 7-Round Magazine

Cable Lock

Spent Casing

Owner’s Manual


Product Specifications

Caliber: 9mm

Capacity: 7 Round & 8 Round

Action: Striker Fire

Barrel Length: 3.1” / 7.874 cm

Front Sight: White Dot

Rear Sight: White 2-Dot

Overall Length: 6.1” / 15.5 cm

Frame Width: .95” / 2.413 cm

Overall Height: 4.6” / 11.684 cm

Weight: 19.0 oz / 538.7 g

Frame Material: Polymer

Barrel/Slide Finish: Black Melonite® 68 HRc

Trigger Pull: 6.5 lbs. /-

Sight Radius: 5.3” / 13.3 cm





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