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Winchester Model 1897 | 12 Ga shotguns

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Winchester Model 1897|12 Ga shotguns

Winchester Model 1897 | 12 Ga shotguns

We have carefully recreated the famous Winchester Model 1897 12 Ga Trench Gun using original Winchester Model 1897 12 Ga shotguns. We buy decent used Winchester shotguns which are then totally torn down, cleaned, worn parts replaced, re-blued, reassembled and tested for proper function.

Chambers are re-cut to correctly accommodate modern fold crimp plastic shot shells. We add a correct reproduction bayonet lug/heat shield and rear sling swivel. When finished these are an excellent representation of the original factory guns, ready for display or use.
These guns take the 1913/1917 bayonet used on the US Model 1917 Rifle and British P14.






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